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 My 3 children are my greatest joys. Raquel is 6, Trent is 9, and Kharin is 19!!!! The funny thing is that being a parent and a wedding photographer at times can be so similar. Not because I’m always talking and no one is listening (cough) but because of how special and unique each one is. There is no way you could possibly say that one is your favorite, maybe one is a little more this or a little more that but in the end you have invested so much into making sure that each one of them receive what they individually need to be successful. I think every parent wants to create lasting memories for their children, memories that make them smile and reflect on days past. I hope one day they share those memories with their children and talk about how they can’t believe how fast time has passed but how it still seems like "just yesterday". I want the same thing for your photographs.

For me, meeting with perspective clients is the toughest part of my job. Not for fear of being socially awkward around strangers and sometimes their parents, but mostly because I always wonder will this bride believe that a 6’4” 190 lb guy can be as excited about her wedding as she is. YES!

When we meet for the first time I'll be the guy in a suit and tie (bowtie optional) . Couples often say "I hope you didn’t get dressed up for us.” There will be only a few moments in life more special than your wedding and this is my way of showing my clients how important they are to me. But please, feel free to come as you are!

This is me at this moment, and 85% of the time. Editing photos and responding to emails is not nearly as awesome as photographing beautiful couples all over the world, but it must be done! One day you'll bump into a retired much older version of me smiling, sipping wine, and snapping photos in Paris, but until then this ergonomic chair from Ikea has my name on it.

For over 17 years, 11 of them professionally, standing behind a camera has been my home away from home. How blessed am I to do what I love for a living. Every year I have the pleasure of meeting thousands of new people either on or sharing in one the most important days of their loved ones lives. I can't wait to meet you and yours!

There is a great quote that says "There is no substitute for experience." You and your fiancé will get married once, I get married almost every weekend. I know how stressful and sometimes overwhelming planning a wedding can be and then you have to walk down the isle and say "I do". (Oh Snap!) Because of this, I try my best to be there for my clients by sharing my personal and work experiences with them. Hopefully making the entire process more memorable. LET'S GET MARRIED!

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